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Monument to the Victims of Simons’ Passage

Monument to the Victims of Simons’ Passage

[pl] Aleja Niepodległości 208
Aleje Jerozolimskie 37
Aleje Ujazdowskie
Stone of Operation Arsenal (Akcja pod Arsenałem)
Memorial Stone of the Battalion “Czata”
Memorial Stone of the Battalion “Gozdawa”
Memorial Stone of the Battalion “Gozdawa”
Memorial Stone of the Battalion “Miłosz”
Memorial Stone of the Battalion “Miotła” (Broom)
Memorial Stone of General Anders’s Battalion “Wigry”
Memorial Stone of the Battalion “Zaremba-Piorun”
Memorial Stone of the Battalion “Zośka”
Memorial Stone of the Brotherhood of the Arms
Memorial Stone of General Maczek
Combat group ‘Krybar’ Memorial Stone
Jerzy Gawin’s memorial stone
Memorial Stone of Katyń
Memorial Stone of the 3rd May Constitution
[pl] Kamień Pamięci Monte Cassino
Memorial Stone of the Defenders of the Power Station
Memorial Stone of Victims of Stalinism
Memorial Stone of the November Uprising
Memorial Stone of the Council for Helping Jews
 Memorial Stone of Fights for the Vistula River and its Abutments
Memorial Stone of the ‘’Ruczaj” Group
Memorial Stone and tribute to Slovaks
Stone of the Group “Bartkiewicz”
Old-Town fortifications
Memorial Place of the Fallen Soldiers of the General Jozef Bem Suligowski’s troops
Place of the Polish fight for the freedom of their homeland
Ogród Saski
Park Agrykola
Commemorative tablet to the Poles and the Warsaw inhabitants killed in the Second World War
Mordechaj Anielewicz Monument- Mound
Monument to the Battle of Monte Cassino
Monument to the Ghetto Heroes
Monument to the Heroes of Warsaw “Nike”
Monument to the Polish Underground Weapon
Jan Kiliński’s Monument
Józef Piłsudski’s Monument
Priest Józef Stanek’s Statue
Monument in Memory of the Fallen Polish Pilots in the Second World War
The Little Insurrectionist’s Monument
Monument to the Teachers of Secret Teaching
Statue of the Victims of The Tank Trap
Monument to the Victims of Simons’ Passage
Partisan’s Monument
Monument to the Fallen and Murdered in the East
Statue of the Czerniaków Rebelians and Soldiers of the First Polish Army
Monument of Warsaw Insurgents
Roman Dmowski’s Monument
Stefan Rowecki’s “GROT” Monument
Tadeusz Kościuszko’s Monument
Monument of the Soldier of the First Army of the Polish Army
Rynek Solecki
Commemorative tablet of the victorious return of troops from the war of 1920
Factory of the Explosives ‘Kinga’ Memory Board
Commemorative board to the action at Wende’s Pharmacy
Andersa Street
ul. Dobra 96
ul. Emilii Plater 15
ul. Kościelna
[pl] ul. Marszałkowska 136
ul. Nowy Zjazd 1
ul. Piękna 17
ul. Przechodnia
ul. Solec 41
ul. Solidarności 83
ul. Solidarności 85

Monument to the Victims of Simons’ Passage (The Krasinski Gardens, on the north of Bohaterów Getta Street)

In this place, at the intersection of Długa and Nalewek Streets, there was a modern, reinforced concrete, elegant shopping mall. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century by the Berlin merchant Albert Simons. Simons’ Passage became fast the main department store of the Jewish district. In September 1939, during the defence of Warsaw, the Passage was first bombed. In March 1943, there was the Operation Arsenal (Akcja pod Arsenałem) near the building.

During the Warsaw Uprising the Simons’ Passage was a Polish redoubt defending access to the Old Town. There was an insurgent sanitary point in its cellars and many civilians were protected there. The building was bombarded and fired several times. On August 31st, the building collapsed after bombs dropped by German planes. More than 200 people were killed under the ruins: mostly soldiers from ‘’Chrobry I” battalion who were defending the passage. There were also civilians who sheltered there. Only fragments of reinforced concrete columns of the passage today. In the ruins of collapsed cellars, there are remains of military and civilian victims of insurrection, lying to this day.